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Security Camera Solutions Based On Sight, Sound, & Analytics For A Safer World

As a Vancouver security camera install company we are able to offer you a trusted and dedicated service whether you need a 2 camera security system or a large fully integrated CCTV security setup. We’re partnered with the industry’s best manufacturers and our engineers are equipped to design and install the perfect security solution for your security and CCTV needs. We are your Vancouver security camera experts always at your service.

We Service: K-12 • Banks and Financial Institutions • Offices • Retail Spaces • Public Venues • Residential Homes and more. 

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The Bottom Line: Good Security Is Good For Business

Stay aware of what’s happening at home or your business, even when you’re away, with interactive video monitoring, real-time video alerts, and peek-in access to live streaming video feeds.

  • We know CCTV requirements of each business are unique to it, and Canada Techs will work with you to identify a system that will meet and exceed your expectations. Our Vancouver security camera install team will provide a complete package, installation, and 24/7 support and maintenance.

High-Quality Video That Will Always Exceed Your Expectations

When we say CCTV, we mean incredible low light performance, top-of-the-line video quality, and smart video analytics that allow things like license plate capture and trespasser detection. Our cameras are built by renowned brands who know a thing or three about making professional-grade CCTV cameras. We carry a wide assortment of brands for budgets of all sizes and never stop improving what we do.

Security & Automation For The Modern Business

In the era of digital transformation, “Security & Automation for the Modern Business” harnesses AI-driven technologies to redefine workplace safety. By integrating advanced AI perimeter detection, automated security measures like sirens and LED lights, along with two-way communication and smart categorization of alerts, businesses can now preemptively deter threats and streamline their security operations. This innovative approach not only enhances safety but also offers a sophisticated, automated security infrastructure that aligns with the dynamic needs of modern enterprises. 

24/7 AI Security Guard

Security camera systems have traditionally been more reactive than proactive, but new systems have changed this. Our AI-powered cameras come with many active deterrence features to ward off intruders, such as:

  • AI Perimeter Detection
  • Automated Siren
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Categorized Alarms By Human, Vehicles, and More

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Network Cameras

Our team designs and tailors the right network cameras to meet your needs – from vivid colour images at night to AI and Deep Learning algorithms – and more. We work with over 200 types of cameras for professional applications, bringing intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to video surveillance.

live video monitoring solutions
24/7 Video Monitoring

At only a fraction of the cost of a live guard on-site, our highly trained CCTV staff monitor your premise to help prevent crimes before they happen. We watch for suspicious activity in real-time and contact the authorities oftentimes before an alarm even goes off. Learn more

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Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your home. If you’ve ever had a package stolen or had a car broken into, there’s a chance that the thief was long gone before you even found out you had been victimized. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to invest in an outdoor security camera.

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Camera Features

Low Light Performance

Use of the cloud can reduce both setup and maintenance costs, with IT costs dropping by as much as 50%

Video Quality

The biggest cloud computing services run on a worldwide network of secure data centres, upgraded to the latest generation of fast and powerful computing hardware

Video Analytics

Computing power can scale up as high as needed to handle unexpected spikes in use. This is not possible with on-prem hosting, where computing power is always finite

Facial Recognition

Companies that use cloud services have a competitive advantage compared to those that don’t. Since Cloud offers the latest technology, you won’t feel outdated in this fast-growing world

Remote Viewing

Near-perfect systems uptime means better customer retention. Performance doesn't just impact your IT teams; if your systems don't perform, you're also likely to lose customers

Two-Way Voice

With lots of hackers and spammers waiting to breach your system, keeping your data protected is a tedious task. By using the cloud, you can rest assured that the service providers will protect your data.

Off-Grid Security

No Power Supply Or Internet At Your Remote Location?

With off-grid security cameras, you are able to enjoy peace of mind in remote areas such as cabins, parking lots, and even boats where power and the Internet may not reach. Utilizing our off-grid solution with 4G cellular cameras and solar panels, there is not remote location we can’t protect. 

Industrial Business Security Solutions

Canada Techs offers security solutions for enterprises of any size. We have experience working with Government, Agriculture, Energy, Education, and more. Whether it’s preventing theft or ensuring the safety of staff, our camera systems are helping thousands of Canadian businesses, and we can do the same for you. We’ll always have the camera system you need to keep your business safe.

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Security Camera Brands We Install

Security Camera Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

A: Canada Techs provides an extensive selection of security cameras tailored to various surveillance needs. This includes cutting-edge AI-powered cameras designed for superior detection capabilities and analytics, durable cameras engineered for outdoor environments to ensure steadfast surveillance, as well as floodlight cameras that offer additional deterrence against intrusions. Moreover, the assortment encompasses specialized cameras such as PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) and thermal imaging cameras, among others, to cater to a wide range of security requirements.

A: The installation process involves an initial assessment of the premises, followed by a recommendation of the optimal camera setup. Experienced technicians handle the installation, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal camera placement for coverage.

A: Canada Techs emphasizes custom solutions, considering factors like property size, specific security concerns, and client preferences to tailor the best security system. Further to this, we can also implement live video monitoring.

A: This service allows clients to monitor their property in real-time from anywhere, using a secure app or web portal, providing peace of mind and instant alerts.

A: Pricing is variable, depending on system complexity and installation requirements. Canada Techs offers free, no-obligation quotes, allowing customers to understand costs upfront.

A: Post-installation, Canada Techs provides comprehensive support and maintenance, ensuring systems remain up-to-date and functional, with options for regular check-ups and technical assistance. We also offer between 3 and 5 years warranty on our security camera hardware.

A: Canada Techs ensures high levels of data security, employing encryption and secure storage methods to protect camera feeds and recorded data from unauthorized access.

A: Customers can easily access their camera feeds via smartphones, tablets, or computers, allowing for real-time surveillance and historical footage review.

A: Canada Techs delivers its services across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. If your location falls outside these regions, we encourage you to reach out to us to explore potential service options.

A: We have the option to procure cameras in black; however, it’s important to note that black casings tend to absorb more heat compared to white ones. For this reason, particularly for outdoor installations, we suggest opting for white cameras to mitigate heat absorption and ensure optimal performance.

A: Choosing between wired and wireless (WiFi) security cameras depends on your installation needs, security concerns, and flexibility requirements. Wired cameras offer a stable connection and are considered more secure but require a complex installation process. Wireless cameras provide convenience and easy installation, with the flexibility to relocate but may face signal interference and require battery maintenance. For outdoor settings, wired options are recommended for their reliability, while indoor settings can benefit from the wireless cameras’ flexibility. A combination of both may be ideal for comprehensive coverage of larger properties.

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