Automation Canada Techs Team February 6, 2020

Increase Buidling Safety and Efficiency With Intelligent Solutions

Energy efficiency is essential in today’s real estate developments. Automated building solutions that reduce energy consumption are one of the simplest ways of reducing costs. Our configurable controls integrate seamlessly with smart equipment to achieve smart buildings.

Access control systems hold data about a building and the occupants – who is onsite, and where they are. Extend efficiency by using this data to make intelligent decisions around how the building is run. Knowing when an area is occupied allows for tight integration with air conditioning, lighting, and other building systems.

Our automation, IoT, and security offerings can support all types of buildings and their unique needs.

Adjust lighting levels based on current ambient light

Turn heating off over weekends and holidays 

Activate lighting in low occupancy areas

Access Controll to manage visitors

Turn off non-essential items automatically when the alarm is on

Turn on lighting when an intruder is detected to improve CCTV recording quality

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