Microsoft Teams – Top 9 Tips and Tricks 2021 Canada Techs Team April 6, 2021
Top 9 Microsoft Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Teams – Integrating Apps and Top 9 Tips and Tricks 2021

Microsoft Teams is a powerful proprietary online collaboration solution developed by Microsoft. Teams mainly competes with slack, offering online collaboration, groupware and file storage, as well as desktop conferencing. Microsoft Teams offers the functionality for collaboration tools in the form of tools, third party applications, and extensions. It also includes several tools for business process modelling and business intelligence. This article highlights some of the tricks and tips for using Microsoft Teams effectively in your business.

Microsoft Teams has a lot of features which can help you achieve several goals. One of them is providing a centralized shared workspace for all your employees across your company. This includes tools for group collaboration such as online chat, threaded comments, video, and screen sharing. You can even integrate Microsoft teams into your existing apps if you want to give your employees access to the same information, files, and other options that are available on the app. This gives you an opportunity to take your work to the next level by incorporating your Teams and Microsoft expertise.

Businesses can use the Microsoft Teams application for remote training, web collaboration, telecommuting, and video conferencing among team members. You can even integrate videos, audio, data, documents, spreadsheets, shared folders, work tickets, shared calendar, tasks, and other tools into Microsoft Teams for a smooth and unified workspace. You can create and share documents, videos, data with other people in the world through the various channels provided by Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Teams training and support provided by the organization have the potential to train the employees of your organization in the latest tools and skills required for real-time collaboration and productivity. You can utilize the training and support services offered by Microsoft to enhance the overall efficiency of your teams. You can also provide additional training to individual team members so that they can further increase their expertise in real-time collaboration with their peers. With the help of these advanced tools, you can build collaborative online stores, surveys, customer requests, calendars, and more. You can also use the feedback you receive from the training sessions as a way to incorporate them into the daily workflow of your teams.

One of the greatest advantages of the collaboration platform provided by Microsoft Teams is the easy set up and management of the process. You do not need to invest in any technical infrastructure for this new and emerging tool. You can simply integrate the online meetings and whiteboard features of Microsoft Teams into your existing business process.

The Microsoft Teams app comes pre-loaded with several specialized tools such as SharePoint apps, business intelligence apps, Excel apps, Power Point presentations, the Microsoft Office Suite, video call integration with Windows Live Meeting, text chats, group conversations, surveys, and the Microsoft Teams logo design. It is completely customizable, and you can easily integrate all these different apps into your own work process, and customize it for your specific organization. The app allows you to create and run virtual teams consisting of one or many team members at the same time. By tapping into the shared channel, business team members can easily connect to each other in real-time. The video call option lets team members speak to each other using normal voice-recognition software. With this interactive feature, business people can easily establish a video conference meeting.

As an app, you can gain access to the Microsoft Dynamics GP, MS Office, Outlook, and MS PowerPoint software suites through the online integrations with those apps. This means that the Microsoft Teams system is more comprehensive and flexible than any other system available on the market today. There are even third-party integrations with payment processing systems and accounting software. The integrations allow businesses to take advantage of some of the more advanced functions and features, while saving on some of the low-end functions and data models that would otherwise be required for them to run these types of business processes more efficiently.

The new version of Teams incorporates many new and exciting technologies. One such technology is called visual collaboration. With this technology, you can easily get two or more people working on the same document simultaneously, by getting them to work on an invisible document together.


Here are our top Microsoft Teams tips and tricks to incorporate today:

1. Use @ To Shoot Off Quick Messages

All you need to do is type the @ sign into the search bar to find your colleagues name and send them a message from anywhere in the application. This is also useful for filtering recent activity and prioritize messages that were meant for you.

2. Mark Your Messages As Unread For Later Discussion

As you come across messages that you don’t have time to address right away, you can mark them as unread so you can circle back to later. All you need to do is click the three dots next to any message while in a conversation. You can bookmark the message or mark it as unread.

3. Mark Your Favorite Channels

Do you come across some channels more frequently than others? You can keep them at the top of the list. To do this, click on the three dots next to the channel and select Favorite.

4. Add Any Custom Tabs

Your channels are preconfigured with two tabs: Conversations and Files. You can add more tabs for things like websites, third-party apps, other Microsoft 365 tools, so you can perform tasks without switching to a new window.

5. Don’t Forget To Grab Attention By Adding Subject Lines

Add custom text to break up conversations and easily keep track of different topics. This is accessible by clicking on the Formant button under the message box. This also lets you change colour, text size, add links and much more.

6. Instant Survey

Instead of asking questions in the group why not use a survey to get the information more efficiently. To create a poll, click on the Forms icon below the message box to create and send a survey in Teams.

7. Urgent Notifications

You can mark your message as important by clicking on the exclamation point below the message box. Your colleague will get notifications every two minutes for 20 minutes or until it is read.

8. Utilize Together Mode

A new feature in Teams is Together Mode which places all your participants on a shared background to make it appear that they are all sitting in the same room (like a classroom or café). To toggle this on, go in your in-call background options.

9. Manage Teams Files from Your Desktop

 You can use a traditional files explorer to manage your files within Teams. To enable this, go to the channel, then Files, then click on Open in SharePoint. You can then click on the Sync button, which is only going to sync the content in that window. No need to worry about syncing an entire Team’s worth of content to your desktop.

There are numerous other technologies that are coming out of Microsoft’s labs, so be sure to keep your eyes open for the latest and greatest in Microsoft Teams!

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