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Biometrics Access Control

Biometric Access Control Systems

Since the year 2000, our partner, Suprema, has established itself as a frontrunner in the biometric technology field. Specializing in advanced fingerprint and facial recognition systems, Suprema integrates sophisticated deep learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the core functionalities of biometric solutions. At Canada Techs, we proudly implement these cutting-edge Suprema Biometric systems to offer top-tier access control solutions.

Superior Access Control Security

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a pivotal component of our biometric recognition technology. For over twenty years, Suprema, has enhanced its technologies with advanced machine learning, developing unparalleled expertise in solving real-world challenges. This unique experience enables Suprema to integrate comprehensive AI applications into the biometric products, ranging from cloud solutions to embedded systems. At Canada Techs, we leverage Suprema’s robust AI-driven technology to deliver superior access control solutions.

Facial Recognition

Suprema has elevated its facial recognition technology with the introduction of BioStation 3, integrating a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). This enhancement significantly boosts the AI engine’s performance. Drawing on two decades of experience as an access control leader, BioStation 3 utilizes an NPU-optimized AI algorithm. This innovation sets new benchmarks in facial recognition, both in terms of accuracy and processing speed.

Fingerprint Recognition

Suprema’s fingerprint recognition technology leads the industry in speed and accuracy, with a remarkably low false acceptance rate of 1 in 10 million and the capability to match 150,000 fingerprints per second. The unique sensor technology reduces distortion and enhances contrast for better authentication. Capable of detecting fake fingerprints made from a variety of materials, Suprema technology uses advanced pattern analysis and dual-image capture. With prestigious certifications like NIST MINEX, FBI, IQS, STQC, FVC, Suprema technology is ideal for secure governmental and official use.


The integration of smartphones as credentials is a rising trend in the access control sector. Suprema embraces this shift by allowing users to substitute traditional RF cards and fobs with Mobile Access cards and QR codes. These digital passes can be issued and managed through either Suprema’s own system or compatible third-party solutions, offering a seamless and modern access control experience.

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